55 Inspiring Backyard Wedding Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

With no venue cost and little design restrictions, you have the freedom to transform your backyard into the wedding of your dreams…

Planning a small wedding with your closest family and friends is probably the most special way to truly celebrate love. If you want a wedding that’s more personal, then the best way to do is by hosting it in your backyard.

There are countless possibilities when it comes to hosting a backyard wedding in the comfort of your own intimate space.

Hosting your wedding in your backyard is a very romantic and a very unique thing to do. Try to break the rules, the traditions. Put a lot of lights in the backyard, celebrate love under the sky. Dance all night. Think of all the good pictures you’ll be taking too.

If you’re not sure about celebrating your wedding day in a backyard, don’t worry. We got you. Take a look and get inspired… 

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