6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Florida

Florida is a perpetual vacation with blue skies, beautiful beaches, delicious seafood and plenty of day trip adventures. 

Theme Parks

Theme parks are a large part of what makes Florida such a well-loved holiday destination. In Orlando you can find four theme parks. With a bunch of entertainment all over the place, you can spend days and days enjoying all kinds of coaster rides and fun activities. And the view is simply the best.

Best Beaches

Miles of soft white sand and teal blue waters that promise a relaxing retreat, Florida’s beaches are the best. The water so clean you can see your toes!


Parties in Florida never stop. Nightclubs run 24/7, the party goes on while most of the people are having breakfast.


Florida is rich with wildlife. From alligators to panthers, Florida is overflowing with an abundance of wildlife.

Best Food

The food in Florida is as diverse as its myriad of cultures and people, varying greatly across the state. In the northwest, you’ll find pit barbecues, grits and food with Cajun and Creole influences, not to mention plenty of fresh seafood.


Every good vacation has a little shopping time built in. The shopping options are many and varied, ranging from upscale shops in ritzy South Beach, Miami and beautiful St. Armand’s Circle near Sarasota to popular outlets in Ellenton (near Tampa), St. Augustine, Naples, Florida City, and Orlando. You’ll also find everything in between at the many malls that dot the landscape.

Florida – the sunshine state.