A Timeline of Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez’s Relationship

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Everything you need to know about Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez’s relationship. 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating since early 2017. Being a couple for just over two years didn’t stop Alex to propose to Jennifer with a ring worth $1 million hunk of diamond. Now that they are heading to the altar, let’s take a look at their insanely relationship, shall we?

Alex was always a fan of Jennifer. I mean, who wasn’t? 20 years ago Alex met Jennifer and he asks for her autograph. That autograph which he kept it all these years. Beautiful start to a beautiful relationship.

On March 8, 2017 these two were all over the news. They got people to wonder if they were together or not. A source says, “She seems excited. He has been around her family, and she really likes that he is a dad. She is aware, though, that he is a ladies’ man too and is being cautious. For now, it’s just fun. She is single and enjoys dating”.

However, Alex appears on Ellen and tells the story of how they reconnected with Jennifer. “Someone taps me on the shoulder, and I turn around and I do not recognise this person. And it’s Jennifer, but she is dressed up as Harlee from “Shades of Blue” and she is in her jeans and her big boots. And it took me about 4 or 5 seconds. And she said, “It’s Jennifer! It’s Jennifer!” I go, “Oh my God, Jennifer, you look beautiful”. I was so embarrassed and then I got a little nervous, and I’m like “This is so goofy, we all know who Jennifer is and she is everywhere.” Then we basically had a small chit-chat…and she says, “You have my number, reach out”. And I went home that night and reached out. “

A month after it’s confirmed that Jennifer and Alex are a thing, the world was thirsting for some pics. And that’s when J.Lo teases us by posting a photo of her legs intertwined with other legs that are clearly Alex’s.

On May 1, 2017, they finally go Instagram official on the way to the Met Gala. Which marks their first official appearance as a couple. On October 18, it was reported that Jennifer and Alex are moving in together.

Since then, this two never stopped being in love and together. They celebrated their first Christmas, their first Thanksgiving, their first Valentine’s Day. Everything together.

A couple days ago, the couple decides to go on a vacation. Little did Jennifer knew that she is going to get proposed. And of course, she said yes!

Take a look at their cutest photos & the moment when he proposed: