All of the ’90s Fashion Trends That Have Made a Comeback

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Trends come and go, but the ’90s are forever.

What do you think? Which are the ’90s fashion trends that have made a comeback? Let’s take a look… 


The ’90s chainmail dress is back thanks to Gucci and the Kardashians.

Animal print 

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’90s were all about animal print. But, not only the ’90s. The year of 2018 was definitely the year of animal prints starting from dresses, bags to bikinis and so on. Thank the ’90s for the inspiration.


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Velvet was the fabric of the ’90s.

Leather blazers 

Back in the ’90s if you wore a leather blazer/jacket you were cool. That’s it. This item’s popularity probably has a lot to do with the fact that The Matrix was such a huge hit.

Tiny sunglasses

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Nowadays everyone owns a pair of these cool tiny sunglasses.

Bike shorts 

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Ugh, I am so sick of bike shorts. It’s literally what everyone wore in 2018. However, thanks to Princess Diana for always breaking the rules including in fashion too.


If your top wasn’t either a vest or a corset in the ’90s, then you were living in a bubble.

Slip dresses

Slip dresses will be popular forever and ever. It never really fades, it just goes and comes back again.


Chain belts 

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Chain belts are so small, yet so powerful. They can make huge differences in your outfits. So, why choosing a regular belt when you can wear a chain belt?

Fanny pack 

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I am pretty sure you own a fanny pack, do you?


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Tie-dye print is making a huge comeback, especially in this year, 2019.

Spaghetti straps 

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Spaghetti straps are so attractive.

Tiny handbag 

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Tiny handbag, tiny sunglasses, tiny everything.

What do you think? Which of these trends you like better? If you have any fashion trends that was huge in the ’90s and it made a come back, feel free to comment.