Are Cowboy Boots The Biggest Shoe Trend?

Credit: Pinterest

In case you haven’t heard, cowboy boots are back.

Be ready to bring a bit of the Old West into your wardrobe, because cowboy boots is what everyone’s will be wearing this season. The cowboy boots are already materialising outside the rodeo and music festival scenarios. For the moment, they are the biggest shoe trend.

There’s no outfit these shoes won’t look great with. Cowboy boots go with everything. Whether it’s jeans, or a floral spring dress, you can never go wrong with them.

Maybe you are questioning yourself “How do I wear cowboy boots in 2018 and actually look cool doing it”? Well, there are no such things as rules. But, just because cowboy boots are in style doesn’t mean you can dress like a full Western cowboy. There are a lot of Western elements that can be worn on their own such as the neckerchief, belt buckle, denim short, including cowboy boots too. But, wearing them in one outfit, it would drag a lot of attention. The key is to keep it simple. 

What do you think of this trend?