Are Versace’s Jean Boots the Weirdest Shoes Ever Made?

Credit: Pinterest

Versace’s jean boots make a strong case for the return of the denim shoe. However, you won’t believe these boots are real until you see them…

Versace is that one fashion label that breaks the rules, shows us the unseen. Under Donatella Versace’s direction, they have been making and setting trends for decades. This time, we represent to you the jean boots!

Jean boots might be the weirdest shoes ever made. But, they are the most talked shoes for the moment. Let’s take a look…

I think some fashion trends are specifically made for celebrities such as jean boots. I can’t imagine myself wearing these and going out. It would be weird. But, if we saw Rihanna wearing these, it wouldn’t be weird at all.

What do you think of jean boots?