Back To School Makeup Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

Are you ready to go back to school? Who am I kidding…no one is. 

Summer it’s almost finished (sadly), and our TV it’s full of ads like “back to school, get your books, be prepared” and so on. This has to be the saddest thing in the whole world. Leaving the summer behind, the fun, the sun, the unforgettable naps. I’m going to miss the lazy me.

To be honest, no one likes school. Despite studying like crazy, having lots of homework, not being able to enjoy a night out, another thing that I hate about school is waking up early. Everybody loves sleeping, everybody hates alarms. Everyone is in a rush, everyone is late. Or maybe just me haha?

You say to yourself over and over again, tomorrow I am going to set the alarm earlier so I can look cute, and enjoy the way I’m looking for once at school. And then the alarm rings, and you feel like you’ve been sleeping only for 2 minutes. I guess, here’s another day at school using the same hairstyle everyday; the messy bun and the natural look.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with not wearing makeup at school. Everyone has their own preferences. But, when you go to school you never know who you’re going to meet, your future husband? Who knows?

For every lazy girl out there (including myself), there are lots of makeup looks which will take you less than 10 minutes.

The best way to do your makeup for school days is; keeping it simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity is key to everything. Do your eyebrows, put lipgloss on, choose a peachy colour for your eyeshadow; don’t go for dark colours. And of course, you can always do the eyeliner.

Here are some ideas, which I hope you find helpful:

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