Backpacks Are The Coolest Accessory

Credit: Pinterest

The coolest accessory to wear in 2018? The backpack!

Why are women ditching their purses for backpacks? Well, there are tons of reasons. First of all, backpacks offer a lot of function, most of them have a lot of pockets and can hold almost everything you need. You can’t just go out without carrying your brush hair, your lipstick and so on…

Secondly, backpacks are not only practical, they are also very cute to wear. They are a little bit of everything; simple, durable, useful, fashionable, sophisticated, covetable.

Backpacks are so easy to wear, they go with everything. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, the backpack it’s always the answer.

Here are some of the coolest backpacks for 2018;

Are you a fan of backpacks?