Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Over the Years

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Are Bella Hadid and The Weeknd the best couple ever? Let’s take a look at their relationship over the years… 

The famous singer The Weeknd and the famous model Bella Hadid, together, they are one of the most powerful and beautiful couples. But, what’s their story? How did they meet?Here’s a timeline of Abel Tesfaye and Bella Hadid’s relationship.

Bella and Abel were allegedly first spotted together in April 2015. Abel was performing at the Coachella music festival at the time and he spent a lot of time with Bella. “They were hanging out in Coachella and were flirting lots. They have many things in common and really enjoyed each other’s company. She loves his music as well. They are hanging out for sure now”, – a source told E! News.

When they began to date, Bella was only 18 years old and Abel was 25. Still, everyone loved seeing them together. I loved seeing them together, because it gave us the chance to see more of Abel.

Then, during a New York Times interview Abel was asked if he was in love. He gave a conflicting answer. “I don’t know, to be honest with you. I don’t think so. Maybe. It’s no, it’s yes, it’s maybe.” – Said Abel.

However, everyone was sure that these two were deeply in love. People caught them holding hands, going out a lot together and so on. Also, on October 9, 2015, Abel bought Bella a puppy for her birthday. The couple celebrated Bella’s birthday alongside her mother, Yolanda and her sister, Gigi Hadid. Sounds like love to me…

They began to go everywhere together. On February 15, 2016 they made their red carpet debut. They both wore black. Then, on May 2, 2016, they attended the Met Gala together. Taking the fashion game to a new level.

Finally, in an interview Bella Hadid opened up about her relationship with Abel saying, “I’m dating Abel. I don’t see him as The Weeknd. I’m proud of The Weeknd and the music he makes, but I really love Abel.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

Unfortunately, after a year and a half dating, People reported that Bella and Abel decided to go their separate ways. The two were struggling to coordinate their conflicting schedules.

On November 30, 2016, a beautiful and awkward thing happened between these two. They literally crossed paths during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Bella was walking in the show and Abel was one of the performers. “This is his second year performing, and I think he’s going to kill it. There is no awkwardness. He is my best friends, and I am excited because I am waking during his performance.” – Said Bella

After the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, everyone started thinking that they’re getting back together. Everyone was so hyped up. But, on January 10, 2017, something unpredictable happened. Abel was spotted kissing Selena Gomez. Bella unfollowed Gomez on Instagram shortly after the photos were released. Then, she posted a photo of herself giving the camera the middle finger a few days later. A savage.

For months, Abel and Selena made multiple red carpet appearances together and posted photos together. The fans of Abel weren’t so happy about this relationship. Everyone claimed that it was somehow fake. However, during this time Bella was not seeing anyone.

According to People’s reports, Abel and Selena split up in October. A few weeks after his breakup, Abel was photographed making a visit to Bella’s apartment. They were apparently hanging out again, but they weren’t officially back together.

All of a sudden, Bella and Abel were photographed kissing during a party in Cannes, France. Sources said that these two never got over each other. After that, Bella and Abel were spotted hanging out in Tokyo. “Everyone around them always knew it was a matter of time and knew the undeniable bond that they had when they were together. They always drifted back in the same places, so it was a matter of time before they decided to commit to each other again.” – one source said.

From this to spending Christmas together, spending the New Year’s Eve together, celebrating the birthdays together. Doing everything together. We will never forget when Abel wished a happy birthday to Bella in Instagram with a bunch of unseen photos. They were simply beautiful.

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