Best Cities to Visit This Summer

Summer is the best time of the year to get away from everything and enjoy a city break. 

Here are the cities that is a must to visit :

Rome, Italy.

This city is a real life collage of piazzas, open-air markets and astonishing historic sites. You can have some of the most memorable meals in your life here. Just like you can’t get New York pizza outside of New York, you can’t really get Roman pizza outside of Rome. There’s certain foods that are special. The spaghetti Alla Carbonara was invented here. One of the best reasons to visit Rome is that it’s small enough that you can easily walk around and see a lot of things in one day, but it’s big enough that you can always find a park, a coffee, a piazza. Also, nobody does fountains like Rome does.

Anytime you decide to come here, in Rome, you will find mild comfortable weather. The views are also breathtaking. One of the best places to  get a panoramic view of Rome is from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo. In Rome, there are amazing sunset views. Don’t forget your camera. You can shop in other cities around Italy, but Rome is special for shopping. Bulgari, Fendi, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti and Brioni is based here in Rome.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Is one of the world’s most inviting vacation destinations. Puerto Vallarta has grown into a thriving resort town with millions of visitors each year. To talk about the food in here, it would take me days. You should try some of the famous local dishes in the state of  Jalisco, the “birria” (spicy meat stew), “tortas ahogadas” ( drowned sandwich as it sits in a spicy salsa), “pozole tapatio” ( a corn and meat soup that is essential to the Mexican diet). Also, let’s not forget about seafood, it’s a must to try. This place is famous for the sculptures, it’s a beach lover’s dream, there are over 40 public beaches. Each beach with their own characteristics and charm. Puerto Vallarta surrounded by jungle and ocean, offers up a sub-tropical climate. Also, it’s a very romantic place to do your honeymoon. Long walks on the beach, watching the sunset over the ocean, horseback rides for two through the jungle, swim with the dolphins. The night is pretty good too. Don’t miss it.

Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Barcelona has it all, the best beaches which offers a great relax. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, you can constantly find artistic and cultural exhibitions through the city. It has an impressive night life, you may call it the city that never sleeps. If you are a fan of football, which I know every male is, including females too, then, the stadium of Fc Barcelona team is worth visiting. At day time in Barcelona, there’s a lot of stuff you can do, walking, riding a bicycle, shopping.

Havana, Cuba.

Havana is steeped in history and culture being able to explore the city free from crowds, and allows you to genuinely discover what makes this city unique, beautiful. In this colorful and charismatic city you can learn how to dance salsa. Whatever your tastes and interests are, you will for sure find a music or dance festival that suits you the most. Havana is no ordinary city, it includes a bit of history, art, natural, landscapes and lots of opportunities to relax and forget about the world for a while. You can also explore vibrant forms of street art. Every time I am saying “Havana”, I can’t help but sing “Havana oh na na, half of my heart is in Havana”… 

Tokyo, Japan.

Everything in Japan is just so beautiful. The view, the cuisine, the culture, the streets. The food is fresh, rich and delicious. The attention and precision the Japanese bring to their cooking is incredible. Tokyo nightlife is pretty much insane. The biggest celebrations are in the summer, which includes fireworks. Fireworks are an integral part of Japanese culture and history.

Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon gets more sun  than anywhere else in Europe. The city is a big fan of street art, I mean, who isn’t? Lisbon is one of the cities that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Is one of a kid. The food is delicious, fresh yet cheap seafood. It has unique infrastructure.

Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech is a mixture of old and new with a charm of an exotic city. It has it’s own personality with a unique culture, where the culture infects your personality. It’s a destination waiting to be explored. Moroccan food is rich and tasty.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Everyone should visit Cape Town, at least once in a lifetime. It has so much to do, and see. Museums, galleries, wine farms, beautiful beaches, shopping. You can eat whatever you’re in mood for ; seafood, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, dessert, ice cream, sushi.