Best Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Be Wearing This Summer

Are y’all ready for summer 2018?

We love summer. We do. Summer is full of fun and wonderful things, but, melting makeup smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick are not among them.

When we go out during the day, doing our makeup is never fun. Those hot summer days make wearing makeup more of a chore than an enjoyment. That’s why we should be very careful while doing our makeup during the day.

But, when it comes to summer nights, there’s nothing to worry about. You actually look like a real goddess. With the perfect tan, a beautiful outfit, you can do your make up however you want. I bet every makeup lovers can relate this: we love going out during nights. But, don’t get me wrong, with the right products and application, your makeup can last long into the day without feeling too heavy or melting right off.

Summer is full of colours. So, that’s how our eyeshadow should look. A little bit of coloured eyeshadow never hurt anyone. And let’s not forget a lip gloss. “Gloss on, worries gone”. 

If you aren’t into colours, that’s fine, you can always get the “natural eye look”. The good thing about a natural eye look is that it’s super easy.

But, why not having fun while doing your makeup? Why not using different textures? Makeup is art. And in summer everything is possible.

Here are some of the best eyeshadow looks: