Best sleep-outs in Africa

Are you looking for a place far away from the city, far away from the people? Well, you just found the right place. 

Every of us, at some point of our lives, get tired of the city. There’s too much going on. Too many people, too noisy, too many cars, the air isn’t clear, when you go out you can’t find the right place to relax, not too many greens and a lot of other things. And all we can think is, where do I find a place where I can relax and get away from all this? Well…what about sleeping outside in Africa? What about a private place with a beautiful view? What about waking up to the noises of birds instead of your alarm clock? 

Go get your beloved one, and get ready, because you are going to Africa.

Tinyeleti Treehouse

Tinyeleti Treehouse means “Many Stars”. The Tinyeleti Treehouse is an overnight wilderness experience that has no match. This is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. It’s very romantic. Only you and your beloved one, surrounded by the wild life. Watch the sun dip beyond the horizon as you sip on a cocktail. You will be utterly riveted by the many animals that arrive at the river to quench their thirst. So, don’t forget your camera.

Breathtaking view!

Sarara Star Camp

Sleeping out, under the African night, sky is the insomniac’s dream. Sarara Star Camp sits on the edge of an escarpment in the heart of the Namunyak conservancy in Samburu East Distrct far north of Kenya. Sarara has established itself as one of the ‘hot spots’ for quality leopard viewing in Africa and equally, for close-up sightings of the normally extremely shy lesser kudu antelope. After dinner around the camp fire at Sarara Star Camp, guests spend the night under the stars from the comfort of their own mosquito net tents.

Tswalu Kalahari

In northern Kenya, where the mountains meet the desert there is a camp that is called Tswalu Kalahari. Or we can simply say heaven on earth. In the Tswana language, Tswalu means “new beginning”. A maximum of 30 guests at any given time, Tswalu feels like your own private and vast grassland paradise. But you are far from alone: on safaris and tracking expeditions, meet majestic black-maned lions, black and white rhinos, zebras, leopards, and a wealth of other rare and endangered species. You are on their turf now.

The Segera Nay Palad Bird Nest

The Nay Palad Bird Nest offers a unique concept of nesting and sleeping like a bird – set above the ground, with a 360 degree birds-eye-view of this beautiful wilderness. It’s built alongside a river teeming with wildlife. Is a beautiful African wilderness offering a whole world of experiences and memories – a classic safari adventure with exhilarating wildlife sightings and sceneries. You can expect to see herds of elephant and buffalo, predators such as lion, leopard or cheetah, plains game including multiple species of antelope and zebra.

Erg Chigaga Private Camp

There is always camel trekking, guided walks, picnic lunches and sundowners on the dunes to keep you occupied. And the view is just beautiful…

Enjoy your time!