Cloud Eye Makeup Looks Are The Latest Beauty Trend

Credit: Pinterest

Cloud eye makeup is taking over our Instagram feeds, but we’re not mad about it. 

Instagram is that social media where we see things that we couldn’t even think about it, people are constantly brining new trends, creating new looks and so on.

This time we’re here to spotlight a new eye makeup trend that won’t stop appearing on our feeds: cloudy eye makeup. The queen herself Nikkietutorials slayed the makeup game again. Since Nikki posted her tutorial online, hundreds of inspired makeup lovers recreated this look.

Everyone is loving & recreating this look and we’re loving every minute of it. I mean, they’re clouds, who doesn’t love clouds?

This look is very refreshing and very creative. Here are some of the best recreations of this look: 

What do you think of this trend? Have you tried it yet? You can search for #cloudmakeup on Instagram and you’ll find all of the inspiration you need to get the look on your own time.