Everything You Need To Know About The Ace Family

Credit: Pinterest

Who are The Ace Family? Who changed the future of vlogging forever?

In today’s society, almost everyone documents their lives. Not only they are sharing snaps, blogs, tweets, but now they are combining it all into one which is being referred to as a”vlog”. A lot of celebrities have began creating YouTube accounts and posting daily and weekly vlogs such as Chantel Jeffries, Shay Mitchell, Maddie Ziegler and many, many more. However, we can surely say that currently one of the most popular YouTube channels is The Ace Family.

The Ace Family comprises of 25 year old, Austin McBroom, his beautiful 27 year old fiancé, Catherine Paiz and two little beautiful daughters; two year old daughter Elle Lively, and the adorable one month Alaïa McBroom. The first letter of each of their names spells out ACE for Ace Family, smart huh?

The Ace Family posts family friendly daily content including challenges, pranks and vlogs of their daily adventures. We learn, we laugh and we cry with them. Austin and Catherine began vlogging in 2016 as Catherine was pregnant with Elle. They started posting videos and photos on Instagram, making us fall in love with them. They began with nothing, and they turned vlogging into their full time career.

Neither of them expected to see so much success in such a short period of time, but they earned it. This family became everyone’s goal. The way Austin treats Catherine, the love he has for this family and the fact that Catherine is kind and full of positivity, who couldn’t love them?

Despite posting daily vlogs of their life, it didn’t take long to start capitalising on their fame by creating their own merchandise. They started off with a line of “dad hats”, which everyone started to love. But, that’s not it. They started introducing a line of t-shirts, socks, backpacks, phone cases and more.

Another good reason why everyone fell in love with The Ace Family is that they love to give and help people. They have given away a Jeep, thousands to charity, they have done many large giveaways, giving back to the homeless on a weekly basis.

Maybe you’re thinking, why would I look at other’s people lives? As cliche as it sounds, this family can change your mood and even your day. They can change your perspective on life. They are the perfect example on how to act on a marriage, how to treat your husband, wife and your kids. They are the perfect example that nothing comes before family.