Fun Things to do in the British Virgin Islands

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When we think of summer, we imagine ourselves laying by the beach with absolutely no worries, and trust me, there’s nowhere better than spending your summer days in the British Virgin Islands. 

The British Virgin Islands are an exclusive archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, or we can simply say it’s heaven on earth. It’s one of those places that you use as your wallpaper of your computer. If you’re thinking about visiting the British Virgin Islands, then here are some reasons to make it easy for you and to inform you more about it:

Breathtaking beaches

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Summer is all about getting that perfect tan, laying by the beach drinking a couple of cold cocktails, but most of all, it’s all about swimming in clear, warm waters. Luckily, the British Virgin Islands are home to stunning beaches, such as Cane Garden Bay, Anegada Island and Smuggler’s Cove and many, many more. The water is so clean, you can see your toes! 

The baths

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The baths are a unique collection of granite boulders and coves. It’s the must-see attraction of the BVI archipelago.

Explore caves

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If you like to explore, then you are in the right place. The British Virgin Islands are waiting to be explored. There are lots of caves with breathtaking views. You can also find hidden waterfalls. Don’t miss the fun.

Go sailing

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Surrounded by miles of brilliant blue, crystal clear Caribbean Sea, the islands are truly best explored on the water. You can choose to sailboat or yacht, or you can simply go kayaking and paddle boarding. The British Virgin Islands are locally known as Nature’s Little Secrets, and easily the best sailing destination in the Caribbean.

What do you think of the British Virgin Islands? Have you ever visited BVI? How was your experience?