HBO Just Revealed Game of Thrones Season 8’s Premiere Date & Teaser

Winter is coming! Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14. 

It’s official, HBO just revealed Game of Thrones season 8’s premiere date and teaser. We’re happy to say that we’re all returning to Westeros on April 14. Oh, goosebumps. The eighth and final season of the famous television series Game of Thrones was announced by HBO in July 2016. However, the wait is over. To be honest it’s a happy-sad thing. We get to see the new season but it’s the last one (crying in the inside).

Sunday night’s reveal also included some quick teaser footage. Let’s take a look and cry together, shall we?

Admit that you cried a little when you heard Ned Stark’s voice.

However, this teaser got us wondering about a lot of things. Where is Bran? Is this one of his visions? Does the falling feather symbolises Bran? Most of all, who is going to sit on the iron throne? What do you think?

See you on April 14.