How To Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

Apart from the morning sickness and swollen feet, pregnancy is still the best time of our lives.

Pregnancy is the most delicate time in women’s lives. Painful yet so beautiful journey. In this beautiful, long journey you must take care of yourself, especially when it comes to eating. What you choose to eat during pregnancy it’s very important because what you eat can affect your child for life. As they say, you are what you eat.

But, the question is, which is the best food to eat during pregnancy?


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Avocados are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, fiber, choline, magnesium, potassium and so on. Potassium helps to relieve leg cramps, a common pregnancy symptom. Also, because of their high content of healthy fats, avocados help build the skin, brain and tissues of the fetus.


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Eggs are an excellent alternative protein source. Eggs contain more than a dozen vitamins and minerals, including choline, which is good for baby’s brain development. But, be sure to don’t eat undercooked or raw eggs.

Drink Water

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Hydration is key. Pregnant women must drink 10 cups of water each day.


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Broccoli it’s not only packed with nutrients that are necessary for a healthy pregnant (such as calcium and folate), but it’s also rich in fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. Plus, it’s delicious.


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Bananas are rich in potassium and offer quick energy to fight off pregnancy fatigue. 


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Fat is critical for your baby’s brain development, which nuts are high in fat and calories.

Most of all, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, because they contain many important nutrients for pregnancy, especially Vitamin C and Folic Acid. Also, your developing baby need plenty of protein, especially in the second and third trimesters, so try to eat meat, fish, eggs beans and so on. Avoid alcohol and limit caffeine.

During pregnancy, your baby-to-be depends on you to provide the nutrition they need. So, please be careful and enjoy your pregnancy. A whole new, wonderful life is waiting for you.