How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in Easy Steps

Credit: Pinterest

Nothing transforms a face like the shape of your eyebrow!

How important are eyebrows to attractiveness? I’d say a lot. Eyebrows help to accentuate the eyes, the shape of our face plus they play a powerful role in communication. When we first see someone, we must likely look into their eyes. That’s why the eyebrows are like the frames in a picture.

However, not everyone is born with perfectly-manicured brows. And, that’s okay because there are a lot of easy ways and steps to get you the perfect eyebrows & achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. Follow the steps…

The first and the most important part of the eyebrows is the shape. Lay a tweezer against the side of the nostril to determine where the brow should start. And then use the tweezer’s length to determine where to place the brow arch and tail.

Tweeze & trim. Remember to always remove strays that fall outside of your desired shape. You can also brush your brows up and see which hairs are overgrown. It can make huge differences.

Another important step is; makeup. Make up is the solution to everything. You can literally fill in whenever there are gaps. Try to use a lighter shade at the front of the brow and bolder shades at the tail.

What do you think? How important are eyebrows to attractiveness?

I hope you found this helpful! Thank you.