How to Grow a Beard

Credit: Pinterest

Did you know that women of all ages tend to be more attracted to men with beards? Yeah, that’s why we represent to you tips on how to grow a beard faster and easier.

It is true that women tend to be more attracted to men with beards. I am a woman and I can surely say that i’d rather date a man who has a beard than a man who doesn’t. When a man has a beard, that man becomes 10 times hotter than we was. The manly look of men with beards is a timeless iconic look which many men choose to follow and women tend to love.

However, growing a beard is not as easy as it seems. If you need help, today we represent to you tips on how to grow a beard faster and easier:

Pay attention to your skin

When the facial hair is growing, try to always wash, clean and moisturise your face. Washing your face helps to exfoliate dead cells.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is good for everything. Exercising makes you happier, healthier. Daily work out helps enhance circulation of healthy blood in the body which speeds beard hair growth. Also, working out help you produce more testosterone that contributes thicker and healthier facial hair follicles.

Eat wisely

The way you eat can affect a lot in you. You are what you eat, so eat wisely. Eat healthier and keep your body hydrated. Did you know that meals rich in protein such as fish, beans, beef, contributes to luxurious and thicker bread hair?

Don’t stress about it

Stress can drastically affect a man’s beard growth because stress produces cortisol that prevents the production and effect of testosterone. Everyone is stressed about certain things and I know that is not easy to be stress free. But, we have to think it this way; stress is not good for anything. Stress can ruin our mind and body. Nothing is worth stressing for, you’ll get over with anything that you’re dealing in your life. So, try to be more positive.

Grow a beard and you’ll get the girl. 

I hope you find this helpful and if you have other methods of growing and improving facial hair, feel free to give comments.