How to Look Better in Pictures

Are you a photogenic person? 

Doing the right selfie, or posting the right picture on social media is very important nowadays. Damn, we live in a bizarre world.

However, no matter how beautiful you are or no matter how good you are looking, some of us are not so photogenic. Some of us can never get the perfect selfie, or the perfect picture. I can totally relate to this. Personally, i was never a photogenic person, but i kinda think i learned. I only hope no one sees my senior picture haha.

However, here are some tips to help you look better in pictures:

Be confident – Confidence is key. Don’t hate on yourself, love yourself. Be like Kanye West. While doing a picture, try to feel free. Don’t try to bend your body into uncomfortable or awkward poses.

Get the right light – Finding the right light is literally the key to a perfect picture. Lamps, streetlights, windows, and doorways can give good light sources.

Get the right clothes – Wear clothes that looks good for your body type. If you want to look thinner, you can always wear darker clothes. I mean, we all love black, it goes with everything. If you are thin, try wearing a light dress. Most important, wear the clothes you like, the clothes you feel more confident in.

Get the right makeup – Makeup can make you look great, or terrible in photos. That’s why you should always get the right makeup. Or you can use no make up at all, it’s all about how you look better, how you feel as you.

Work Your Angles – We all have our favourite side, i know. If your right side is more flattering, then you should always take pictures on that side.

Smile naturally – If you decide to smile in a picture, you should never fake a smile. A fake smile can make you look bad in pictures. It looks forced.

Don’t drink & pose – If you are at a party and you know for sure that you’ll be drunk, try to take photos before that third or fourth glass of wine. No one has never looked good in pictures while drunk.

Take a lot of photos – One of the best ways to get the best picture is to take more than one. You have more choices.