How to Look Cool in Your Leopard Print

Leopard print go in and out of style, but, when it’s in, there’s no escaping.

Leopard prints have been around for a while. They are super cool and fashionable. Leopard prints were never easy to use in an outfit, but the time has come to forget all the rules. Go and wear unseen combinations, wear leopard prints with colours and so on. Rules are meant to be broken. 

The only rule that you should follow while wearing leopard print is: treat it like any black item in your wardrobe. Adding a little leopard to any outfit is the best thing you can do. You could wear the simplest outfit ever, like all black, but then you could add a leopard print coat, and trust me, you’ll see a big, better difference. However, i am not talking only about coats, there are million other thing that you can wear on leopard print.

Starting from little accessories, like bags. A small leopard-print bag will totally make your outfit “sing”. Not only bags, high heels, bikinis, skirts and on and on….

Also, never forget that leopard print looks incredible with denim.

“Animal prints are season-less, and you can wear them with almost anything. Plus, they add a little edge to your wardrobe”.

Here are some outfits proving us that wearing leopard print is a must: