How to Make a Spray Tan Last Longer

Credit: Pinterest

A spray tan is always a good idea. But, which are the best ways to make a spray tan last longer? What do you think?

What should we do before our spray tan appointment? The best thing to do is to exfoliate on the day before your tanning appointment.

What to do on the day of our spray tan? We are shaved, we exfoliated and moisturised and we’re thinking that’s it, right? Well, sort of. There’s one more critical component to making sure your tan will stick and and last. We must be sure to arrive to our tanning appointment without any oils on our skin so that the water-based spray doesn’t get blocked by an oil barrier.

Another thing that can effect on your spray tan is your clothes and footwear. On the day of our spray tan we must wear something loose and flowing. Go braless if possible, so that while your tan is developing the straps don’t get warm and rub against the skin and cause patchiness. On the other hand, when it comes to footwear, flip flops or pumps are ideal.

Also, when you go home, all tanned up, try to avoid having long soaks in the bath and keep showers short and cool. Use a lightweight shower cream or gel that doesn’t contains sulphates.

I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy your summer!