How to Make Your Cheekbones Pop

Credit: Pinterest

How can we make our cheekbones pop? What do you think? 

Everyone loves cheekbones, but not everyone has them. Cheekbones are so sexy and attractive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, if you have cheekbones, you are simply wanted. But, how to make our cheekbones pop? There’s no better way than making your cheekbones pop other than applying makeup.

Nowadays, makeup has made our lives so much easier. Throwing a little contour with a dusting of highlighter and bam- you have chiseled cheekbones. Using contour and highlighter are key components in making your cheekbones pop. However, we must be careful on how we use it, where we apply it.

Pick up the right brush 

The most important thing is to pick out the shade of colour that suits your skin tone the best. You can also buy colour pallets and you can mix and match to suit your outfit and the occasion.

Contour your cheeks with a highlighter 

The key to apply highlighter is in the exact positions where the lights hits your face naturally. Highlighting makes your face look sharper.

Apply the blush 

Swirl the blush brush gently onto the chosen colour and hold it at a slight angle to your cheekbones. Then, tap it onto your cheeks until you get the desired shade.

If you know any other advices, please, feel free to comment.