How to Slay the Pink Eyeshadow

Credit: Pinterest

Pink eyeshadow is the newest beauty trend & there’s a lot of ways which you can slay it…

Pink eyeshadow is making its way to the top of our nightly IG scrolling, it’s everywhere. Why? Because there is something special about pink eyeshadow that just works. Very feminine, simple & fresh but so much more exciting than a neutral brown or golden shade.

When it comes to eyeshadows, celebrities are getting real comfortable with the unexpected. Lately we have seen unlikely shades such as yellow, green, blue and even red pop up on red carpets. However, for the moment, it seems that pink is making a major comeback and we’re loving every minute of it.

I know that trying out a new look can be a bit daunting & tricky. But that’s the beauty of makeup; trying new things. If you’re questioning yourself to either use the pink eyeshadow or not, my answer would be yes. It’s good to change the way we look once in a while, so why not starting with this incredible adorable pink eyeshadow?

Here are some ideas which you can slay this new beauty trend;

What do you think of pink eyeshadows?