How to Wear a Blazer Jacket

Blazer jacket? ABSOLUTELY!

Classy, elegant and extremely cool, blazers are the item of clothing that can’t be missing from your closet. Blazers were the most frequently photographed clothes in the street style outfits of all fashion weeks.

The good thing about wearing a blazer jacket is that you can wear it with whatever you want, with jeans, with a midi skirt, with a long dress, coordinated tailored pants etc. Everyone can wear it men & women, it makes no difference.

Blazer jacket have a special power. They allow you to be however you want. If you want to look formal, if you want to look feminine, if you want to have a masculine figure, there is an answer for everyone. This is the item that will always work.

Blazers jackets has always been in style, and continue to be.

Everyone has been wearing blazers jacket. You could be wearing the simplest outfit ever, but when you add the blazer jacket, the outfit looks more fashionable.

Here are some of the best blazer jacket looks :

As you can see, Rihanna totally owns the “blazer jacket look”.

Always try new things! 

Be confident!