How to Wear a Bustier

Bustiers Are Back, Baby!

Are bustiers back? All signs point to yes.

Did you ever thought that you would end up leaving the house wearing a bustier? Yeah, me neither.

Wearing a bustier outside of the house, is really nothing new anymore. The thought of wearing a bustier outside might make you feel embarrassed, or you might start questioning yourself: do i look cheap? or do i look vulgar?

But, it’s that time when you should stop overthinking and start daring more.Bustiers are coming out of the lingerie closet as the finishing touch to a fashionable outfit. There are million ways that you can pull off a “bustier outfit” without looking too naked or too provocative.

The best way of wearing a bustier is with hight waisted jeans. Bustiers can look very hot with high waisted jeans. It will elongate your body, making you look taller. Jeans go with everything, also you wouldn’t show off your bellybutton.

Also, if is hot outside you can always wear high waisted shorts too.

Not only jeans, you can also wear a bustier with midi skirts, or even track pants.

Bustiers, when worn under clothing, can help to smooth your silhouette and gives you a sleeker appearance. So, there are two reasons why we should buy a bustier.