How to Wear a Crop Top – All Summer Long

Crop Tops are taking over.

How do you plan on rocking a crop top this summer?

Most people might think that showing our bellybutton is definitely inappropriate, but we are in 2018, and we are happy to tell you that things have changed. Of course, you can’t go to work or to school wearing a crop top. We are talking about summer vacations, or simply going out on a Saturday night. You can definitely wear a crop top and still look elegant, it’s all about the way you wear it. The key is choosing the right combinations of clothing. So, here are some tips:

If you want to follow the trend but you also don’t want to feel too naked, like you don’t want to show your bellybutton. That’s okay, you can wear high-waist pants. High-waist pants never go out of style.

When you are wearing a crop top, make sure you wearing flats, that’s the best way to don’t look like you are trying too much.

You can wear a crop top with a midi skirt, since midi skirts are another huge trend for spring and summer, or you can wear it with high-waisted shorts, if you are not into jeans. There is always a solution.

Wait. Did you think that I was talking about women only? Absolutely not. Men wear crop tops too, and they look super hot. I mean, we all fell in love when Johnny Depp wore a crop top in 90s.

Alright, that’s enough for tonight. Now, let’s take a look at our girls.

Who is pulling it off better? Boys or girls? I don’t know why, but I am really feeling this whole “boys wearing a crop top”.

What do you think guys?

Girls, would you let your boyfriend walking around on a crop top?