How to Wear Cargo Pants

Credit: Pinterest

The resurgence of ’90s trends continues; CARGO PANTS!

Cargo pants are the hottest fashion trend for the moment. Everyone is loving & wearing them. It’s like we’re forgetting all about our jeans…

If you go through your Instagram feed, I am pretty sure you’ll see at least 2 outfits with cargo pants. The beauty of those pants is that you can wear them however and with whatever you like. You can mix & match, you can choose a simply outfit such as; a plain white T-shirt and a light backpack.

Cargo pants are so simply yet they make huge differences in our outfits. Also, they can be worn in any season and in any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to school, going out on a Saturday night, cargo pants got you!

If you need any inspiration, here are some ideas on how to rock cargo pants:

What do you think of cargo pants? Are cargo pants the biggest fashion trend of 2018 & 2019?