How to Wear Everything Black

Black is the answer. 

Black goes with everything. Even black goes with black.

Personally, my favourite colour is black. I like everything in black. Clothes, shoes, bags it doesn’t matter, if it’s black, I will buy it.

Black can express my personality. Wearing black makes me feel comfortable, not only me, I am sure everyone feels this way while wearing black. But, some people think that black it’s such a depressing colour, but I don’t agree. I think every colour has it’s own beauty. As long as you feel good on it, then it’s all right. When I wear dark colours, I feel confident. Confidence is key. 

Black is so elegant & classy. You can never go wrong with black. I don’t know what but It’s something about it, that makes every outfit special.

When you wear black, you have the chance to choose and to wear any kind of accessories you want. You can wear a black dress with high heels, and then add something to break the ice, like a colourful bag. Or simply black jeans and a black t-shirt with a pair of colour high heels, or sneakers, or a hat with another colour.

Black is good for job interviews, gallery openings, first dates…pretty much anything. Especially on dates, black makes you look more attractive.

Let me mention that wearing black bikinis is also a big plus. If you didn’t get that summer tan already, you can always wear black bikinis, and trust me you’ll look better than choosing another colour, especially white. Don’t do it, girl.

Here are some examples proving that wearing all black it’s the most fashionable thing to do:

Black is a happy colour!

What’s your favourite colour?