How to Wear Glitter Makeup

Credit: Pinterest

Is glitter makeup in style?

Yes, glitter makeup is absolutely trending. The love for glitter is not new. Back in the old days glitter was the most-used product. Whether it was lip gloss, eye shadow or hair mascara, we loved it. However, we’re happy to say that the love for glitter is back.

Choosing a glitter makeup is a bold choice. Our heads are full of doubts and questions such as; is this too much? Am i doing the right way? This must come to an end.

Glitter makeup is easy. Everyone can pull off the glitter makeup look. All you need is to be creative and very confident. The easiest way to apply glitter makeup is to use it in place of highlighter. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, under the lash line or on the centre of the lid.

Glitter makeup is the perfect look for a night out, for Christmas or for New Year’s Eve. If you need any inspiration or ideas on how to wear glitter makeup, here are some to make it easier for you:

Applying glitter might be easy but it is notoriously difficult to remove. Here’s a cleaning tip; soaking a cotton pad with makeup remover before placing it over skin for five seconds. Then, swipe the makeup off in one direction. Avoid your lashes and brows!

What do you think? Do you like glitter makeup?