How To Wear Overknees Without Looking Overdressed

Credit: Pinterest

So many shoes, and only two feet…

Overknee boots are a must-have. Overknee boots are the secret ingredient to a fashionable outfit. They have the power of giving our outfit a final touch. They are the best item to spice up your look.

But, how do we wear overknees without looking overdressed? Here are some tips:

Don’t show too much skin

It’s better to don’t show too much skin. You’ll look more elegant. Showing half of your thigh is enough.

Keep it simple

The best way to wear overknee boots is to keep it simple.

Choose warm colours

If you’re not sure in what colour to buy your overknee boots, always choose warm colours instead of bright ones, since knee boots are very eye-catching. Also, choosing warm colours it’s a big plus because you can wear them during day time without feeling overdressed.

However, overknees will never stop being beautiful and on trending. They’re so easy to wear. You can wear them with everything. You could wear them with a big size t-shirt and you’ll still look like a goddess. In my opinion, overknees are not meant to be worn only in autumn and winter. They can be a great item to wear during the cold nights of summer.