How To Wear Socks With Sandals

Can you wear socks with sandals? ABSOLUTELY YES! All you need is an open mind, a few pairs of your favorite socks, and the sandals that you are currently loving. Ready?

Socks and sandals are in. We aren’t talking about a pair of old sports socks and Birkenstocks, but rather, semi-sheer, sparkly, patterned or frilled socks, worn underneath velvet or metallic peep-toe shoes. Just like “no white after labor day” or “no crop tops for plus size girls”, saying that you can’t wear sandals with socks sounds outdated and lame to me.

Socks with sandals has actually become so popular that is becoming more of a mainstream thing and less of style risk.

Flat sandals aren’t the only thing that work with socks. Wedges also look good, especially when worn with a midi skirt. Also, socks are a great way to make ankle-length jeans work, for colder weather. If you are into simply looks, a crop top and jeans is a pretty basic look, but cool socks and flat sandals or even high heels would make your outfit more unique. Of course, it depends where you’re going.

A lot of celebrities have done this trend, and still doing. Celebrities like Rihanna, I mean, guys it’s Rihanna, she can make everything look good. But not only Riri, models also like Kendall Jenner.

Here are some photos proving that socks with sandals are a genius, fashionable idea, that everyone should try it out:

Looks pretty fashionable to me. What do you think guys? Are you giving it a try?