How to Wear White on White

All white everything! 

Wearing white on white it’s a easy-hard kind of work. You can pull it off, but you can also go wrong.But, what’s fashion if you don’t risk?

Fashion has rules, but rules are meant to be broken.

Fashion doesn’t mean if you follow the latest trends, fashion is something that you like, something that you feel comfortable, something that you made up by yourself. So, always remember that as long as you feel comfortable on it, it’s all fine.

If you need some tips on how to wear white on white, here are some.

If you decide to wear white on white, you should mind the shade. There are about a thousand shades of white, so you should be careful. To look good together, your white separates should be within a few shades of each other.

Feel free to use accessories. Any colour possible. Glasses, bags, high heels, hats anything you like.

Here are some examples:

As we can see, Bella & Riri are queens of wearing white on white.