Instaception is the coolest new makeup trend on Instagram

Is instaception the coolest makeup trend on Instagram? Definitely yes. 

Instagram it’s where we share everything that’s happening to our life. Anything that we’re passionate about. We share about our admiration of fashion, about our favourite celebrities, we share our makeup looks, we share of what we’re eating, we share about our beloved ones, our favourite quotes and so on…

But, most of all Instagram it’s that social media where you can share your skills. I swear, my Instagram feed is full of ordinary people with amazing skills of makeup. They share their work, they make up trends. They’re better than some world-famous makeup artist.

However, lately there is a new make up trend going around called the “Instaception”. I guess posting your makeup skills wasn’t enough, now you can paint an Instagram post on your face. Everyone is flexing their skills with the instaception challenge, and we’re loving it.

The first one to ever do this trend was @dom.skii weeks ago, and since then everyone has gone crazy doing this.

It’s just amazing seeing young talented people doing such amazing work. Staying all day on Instagram is not that bad after all. You can find inspiration.

The Instaception Challenge

What do you think of this trend? Have you tried it yet?