Is Neon Eyeliner The Next Big Thing?

Credit: Pinterest

Get ready! Neon eyeliner is the next big thing!

Who says that the neon eyeliner is the next big thing? Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, that’s who. Fenty Beauty confirmed that the bright, neon shades we’ve been hoping for will become a reality.

On May 10, the brand will launch the limited-edition “Getting Hotter” summer collection of three sets of eyeliner trios named Baecae, Baeside, and Baewatch. What’s so special about those eyeliners? According to Instagram, the eyeliners will have soft neon effects that glide on in one easy stroke. Let’s have a look… 

As we can see, the collection is designed to help you recreate unusual soft neon pops for the most amazing festival looks. It is a bold new beauty trend. What do you think of this trend?