It’s Ugly Until Rihanna Decides It’s Not

Rihanna is undoubtably a fashion icon! 

Rihanna is just as much as a sartorial risk as she is a musical hit maker. She never behaves or dresses how she’s expected to as a young woman in music. Her fearless style makes us love her even more. She always dresses the opposite of how you might think. Yes, she wears a lot of hot outfits, but she is also big into streetwear, sporting or we can simply say she looks good on everything she wears. And by everything, I mean everything.

Rihanna could go outside wearing a big t-shirt, and the next day everyone will be wearing it.

Rihanna once wore a t-shirt backwards, and she made it look cool. Who would ever thought about that?

I mean, those models look good too, but Rihanna man… she is something else.

“She could beat me, but not my outfit” – Rihanna