Oversized Jackets & Multiple Layered Coats are the new Winter Fashion Obsession

Credit: Pinterest

Are oversized jackets & multiple layered coats the new winter fashion obsession? 

Every year, every season we see new things, new trends. This winter trends are definitely oversized jackets and multiple layered coats. Oversized jackets are alright but i am not so sure about multiple layered coats…

Oversized jackets it’s literally what our mother used to make us wear. Big and warm, perfect for the winter. But, never have i ever thought that they would have turn into a big trend.

I personally see myself wearing an oversized jacket, but wearing multiple layered coats, that’s just too much and out of my comfort zone. When i first saw this whole multiple layered coats, the first thing that came to my mind was Joey Tribbiani from everyone’s favourite show “Friends”.

Credit: Pinterest

However, i think that some trends such as multiple layered coats, are only meant to be worn for celebrities or some really brave ones.

In the other hand, oversized jackets are not that bad. You can wear them with anything and however you want. Plus, they’ll keep you warm. Looking fashionable and feeling warm? That’s how everyone wants to spend the winter.

What do you think? Would you rather wear an oversized jacket or multiple layered coats?