Puffy Sleeves Are Making A Huge Comeback

Credit: Pinterest

Are puffy sleeves back in style? Definitely yes!

Puff sleeves are fashion’s new favourite trend. The puff sleeve is both flattering and playful. It’s classic, and everyone is wearing it.

Puff sleeves are so easy to wear, they go with everything. Not to mention it makes the perfect pairing for all your blue jeans.

Trends come and go. When I look at old photos of my mother, I can’t help but notice all the outfits she had worn. Everything she had worn, it’s exactly what I wear now. Honestly, my mother was an fashion icon, she used to rock puffy sleeves. However, there’s something I learnt from this; never throw out your clothes. Eventually, everything comes back.

What do you think of this trend? Are you willing to try it?