Rihanna’s Hottest Looks of 2018

Credit: Pinterest

Rihanna has made it clear that she will wear whatever she wants with zero care about what people think. Want to know the best and the hottest looks of her in 2018? I don’t think you’re ready…

Rihanna is truly a fashion icon. Everything looks good on her, especially her CONFIDENCE. Rihanna is the prove of when you wear something confidently, you will look 10x times better.

Every day, every year, Riri brings something new to us. Something we haven’t seen before. She is not afraid of trying new things. She is absolutely the bravest celebrity and she makes it look so easy.

In honour of Rihanna being a fashion icon, we represent to you her hottest looks of 2018. Are you ready? 

What do you think? Which look is the hottest?