Selena Gomez’s Shaved Head: Undercut Look

Is the “back shaved head” look back? 

Selena Marie Gomez is an American singer & actress. Selena Gomez is known for her simplicity. Even though she is 25 years old, she still has that baby face that makes us love her. I think, she is the cutest person you’ll ever meet.

However, days ago, Selena made the most subtle hair change: she shaved her head. Not the whole head of course, but she did shave a small section of hair off near the nape of her head creating an undercut, and we are loving it. Selena posted a pic on Instagram of her new look, and I think she is honestly slaying.

I am pretty sure that everyone is going to rock this hairstyle by the beginning of summer.

But, Selena is not the first one to do it, this hairstyle back in the days was very fashionable. I am so glad she is bringing it back.

We are loving this look!

Here are some of the best looks: