Short Wedding Dress Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

Can you wear a short dress in your wedding day? Absolutely yes!

If you have that person who makes you feel like you got butterflies running down in your stomach, marry them. If you have goosebumps while hearing that specific name (the one you’re thinking about right now), marry them. But, most of all, if you have a person who loves you unconditionally, and loves your imperfections, don’t let them go. That’s what marriage is about.

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful and most important day in your life. It’s the day where your life changes, for better. I can’t say the same about men, but for women it’s one of the most stressful days too. Is my makeup on point? Did I make the right choices about my dress? And, million and million other questions running in our mind.

For the bride, the most important part to her is her wedding dress. The most amazing piece of clothing that she’ll wear in her lifetime. Picking out that perfect dress takes time and effort. Some brides go with the traditional style, the white long dress. But, some of the brides like to go out of their comfort zone. Such as choosing a short wedding dress.

Choosing a short wedding dress it’s pretty awesome. Especially, if you are not planning a big ceremony. Choosing a short one it’s way more comfortable, you can dance freely and you can show off some skin.

But, in the end, it’s totally your choice. A wedding dress is beautiful in every way. It doesn’t matter if your dress is long or short, the important thing is the bride to be happy. Here are some examples on how a bride would look in a short wedding dress:

What do you think of short wedding dresses?