Spring-Summer 2018 Fashion Trend : Belt Bags

The coolest bags for spring-summer 2018? BELT BAGS!

Let me say that, i am personally in love with belt bags. I usually don’t follow the latest trends, since i buy whatever i like, but this trend of mini belt bags, man, I am in love. I am so hyped to write about this haha. In general, bags were always in. Even if you don’t like bags, you still wear them, because you need them. It’s a need-want thing. Bags make everything look better. You could wear the simplest outfit ever, but when you add a cute little bag, like the belt bags, it makes everything better and more stylish. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, bags will never go out of style.

2018 is the year of the bags, especially belt bags.

Belt bags are micro bags standing on a belt meant to be worn around your your waist, as a fanny pack. But, the belt bags trend does not exclude the classic old fanny packs as we once used to wear them, sporty-er, slouchier, casual, practical.

Do you remember the practically impractical accessories that you wore as a child? Because, I do, and I had plenty. I never thought they would be in style. If i knew i would keep them. That’s why you should never throw clothes, bags or anything, because eventually everything comes back in style. That’s another lesson I learnt from life haha.

Everyone, and by everyone, I mean literally everyone, wore a belt bag all throughout the fashion weeks street style. The famous model Kendall Jenner and her squad are basically the queen of cute girly luxe belt bags.

There’s a belt bag out there for every style, from the boho, festival-going girl to the sporty type who travels straight from the gym to brunch.

The goal of the belt bags is to make our outfits cooler, especially around our waist.

You can wear them with anything you like. There is no such thing as rules. And if there are rules, break them.

You can wear it everywhere. Out on a date, going to school, while taking a walk, to get dinner, gym, i mean everywhere!