Style Rules For Wearing Winter White

Credit: Pinterest
Can we wear white in winter? Absolutely yes! 

Whoever thinks that we can’t wear white in winter, is very wrong. Fashion has rules, but those rules are meant to be broken. No one makes us to follow those silly fashion rules. We make our own choices.

We can for sure wear white in winter, however, there are some do and don’ts that we must consider. Firstly, you can mix & match. For example, you can choose a white turtle neck and white jeans. To break up the all white, you can choose a coat or a blazer with a hidden print on the cuff or lining. Or you can choose a whole different colour such as black. This will add dimension to the look. 

Secondly, you can keep things retro with oversized pieces, a fanny pack & mini sunnies. You can always go a little extra too. You can add some faux fur, or some bling.

White is a beautiful colour and it should be embraced during winter too. You just gotta show some love and follow your instinct. 

What do you think? Is it okay wearing winter white?