Sunset eyeshadow is the latest beauty trend

Credit: Pinterest

We can’t help but notice that the sunset eyeshadow is Instagram’s latest beauty trend & everyone is loving it.

I know for sure that everyone loves watching at sunsets. It feels so good, it’s like every problem that you’re having disappears after watching the sunset. It has that kind of power. Sunsets are cool, but nothing beats the sunset eyeshadow. Having your own sunset, sounds great huh?

Sunset eyeshadow is as beautiful as it sounds. Everyone is trying and loving it.

Sunset eyeshadow is not just another Instagram makeup trend. The 2018 VMAs red carpet was more like a magic hour, thanks to the sunset eyeshadow. Every celebrity starting from Amandla Stenberg to Shay Mitchell rocked this beautiful sunset eyeshadow.

However, we have to admit that there are a lot of talented people in Instagram showing off their makeup looks and trying new trends.

I know that this sunset eyeshadow is kinda extra, but this is so creative. Instagram makeup artist never fail to amaze us with their unique creativity.

We love our nude shadows, smoky eyes and classic shades of brown, but summer is all about brighter colours. Getting that summer sunset glam is all you need. Trying new things, getting out of the comfort zone.

What do you think of this trend? Have you tried it yet?