The Best 2018 Swimwear Everyone Will Be Wearing

Bikinis come in many different shapes and styles.

The sun is shinning, the days are longer, summer is finally here. At this point, we are all wondering, is our summer body ready? Do I have the right bikinis?

For men, when it comes to swimwear, it’s pretty easy, they buy a pair of shorts and that’s it. But, for us, women, it’s such a big deal. When we go to buy bikinis, there are million question in our mind. Is this on trend? Is this the right colour? How will I look on these? Is it too late if i start the gym now?

Personally, never in my life i found the right bikini. I don’t know why, maybe it’s not because of the bikinis, perhaps it has to do with our confidence. So, the best way to look good on a bikini, it’s to wear it with confidence. Confidence is key. Because, I am not a believer of “fit rules”. It’s all about how comfortable you are with your body. Walk by the beach like a goddess, like a boss! 

My advice for all my women this summer: enjoy summer as much as you can, try to worry less, go out without make up, wear whatever you like not what society tells you, think positive, just enjoy the little beautiful things that life gives us.

Here are the best 2018 swimwear: