The Craziest Beauty Trends of 2018

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What do you think? Which are the craziest beauty trends of 2018? 

Tiger Brows

Eyebrows are the most important part of our face and yet it’s one of the most experimental part. People like to experiment with eyebrows, they love trying new and crazy trends such as; tiger brows. All you need is a concealer, an eyebrow pencil and you can create your own tiger brows, of course without scraping off your eyebrows. Tiger brows are not something that you can try on daily basic, they’re not a look that you can use for going to school or work. It’s just a trend and it’s your choice to try it or not.

Flower Eyeliner

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Why choosing a basic, black eyeliner when you can do a flower eyeliner?

Garden Brows

If you’re looking for a sweet touch to the face rather than a Tiger brow look, then garden brows are perfect for you. Flowers has become an endless source of inspiration of beauty trends and we never thought that we can use them in our eyebrows. However, it’s the year of 2018 and everything is possible.

Fishtail Brows

Just when you think there’s nothing crazier than garden brows and tiger brows, here we have fishtail brows.

Pencil Brows

Are pencil brows the craziest beauty trend of 2018?

Tooth Nails

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Tooth nails? Who would ever thought?

What do you think? Which is the craziest beauty trend of 2018?