The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees Around The World

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Are you ready to see the world’s most beautiful Christmas trees? 

Christmas is not a season, is a feeling. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s that time when you should spend time outside as much as you can. The city, the streets are always breathtaking. Full of decorations, full of lights and full of Christmas trees. Today, we represent to you the most iconic, the most beautiful Christmas trees around the world.

Byblos, Lebanon

Credit: Pinterest

Every year, Byblos brings some new, something unique. That’s why it has made it to the big league of the most beautiful Christmas trees of all times.

New York

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When we talk about beautiful, about lights and inspiration of course New York is worth mentioning and worth visiting. New York is always beautiful and everyone’s dream place, but when it comes to Christmas it is speechless. Isn’t this one of the most beautiful Christmas trees you’ve ever seen?


Credit: Pinterest

Paris is not only known as the city of love and full romance, it is also known for the beauty that it offers during Christmas time. This Christmas tree was named as “The Paper Christmas Tree”. It was made entirely of recycled paper, amazing huh?

Auckland, New Zealand

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Can you build a big Christmas tree by legos? Well, during Christmas everything is possible.

Osaka, Japan

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The world’s most illuminated Christmas tree goes to this breathtaking tree in Osaka, Japan. The lights will inspire you. 

Venice, Italy

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With a seven century old tradition, the Island of Murano brings glassware to life with their creative, breathtaking decorations.

What do you think? Which one of those Christmas trees got your attention? Which one deserves the title as the most beautiful Christmas tree?

Are you ready to see this year’s Christmas trees around the world? Stay in touch…