The Most Romantic Places To Visit In Italy

Are you looking for a romantic place to spend time with the love of your life? Well, look no further than the cities of Italy. 


When it comes to romance, Verona is the ideal place. It has the most beautiful, romantic stories. In Verona, you can see the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet at the House of Giulietta. This place is covered with touristic fairy dust. The walls beneath the balcony are covered by graffiti  and notes from visitors asking for guidance in love. The notes tell the stories of the visitors’ pasts, their problems and their hopes for the future. The dreamy custom of leaving letters for Juliet actually inspired the equally dreamy Hollywood movie Letters to Juliet [2010]. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Venice is generally supposed to be just about the most romantic city on earth. Even those who hate cliches can’t deny the romance of this unique and captivating place. The old-fashioned methods of transportation help make it so romantic: visitors are taken back in history as they can opt to use either feet or gondola. Couples can only aspire to have a history as long as Venice’s relationship with the water: Each year, the city conducts a symbolic marriage ceremony between Venice and the sea, a tradition that began in the year 997 and still takes place to this day.


With its grand monuments, beautiful fountains, resplendent piazzas and cobblestoned streets, Rome is undoubtedly the city of love. You can simply enjoy a glass of wine, by admiring the beautiful, romantic views that only Rome offers.


Pienza, is known not only for its beautiful historic center, but also for the so-called “Streets Of Love”. There are four little romantic roads that in the period of Valentine’s Day attracts hundreds of tourists in the village: Via Del Baccio (Street Of The Kiss), Via dell’Amore (Street Of Love), Via della Fortuna and Via del Buja.

Which one is your favourite?