The Weeknd Releases New Album “My Dear Melancholy,”

What makes a grown man cry?  The Weeknd releasing a new album.

On March 28th 2018,  Abel teased us posting in Instagram a conversation between his creative director La Mar Taylor saying  “Should we drop Friday? I’m indifferent to be honest”. Everyone was wondering what it is. But, that’s not the first tease we got from Abel. Actually, he was posting a lot of pictures of him while in the studio, letting us know he is working on something. The famous rapper, Travis Scott posted a tweet saying “Abel new album is crazy. It’s like when I first heard him for the first time”. That’s when we knew new album it’s on it’s way.

On March 30th 2018, Abel posted the cover and the name of the new album “My Dear Melancholy,” , the caption was simply “Tonight”. Everyone was going crazy, including myself, since I am a very big fan of his music. We never thought he would drop an album this soon. But, we ain’t complaining, of course not.

What a beautiful album, It got me in tears. Many of you would ask, who hurt him? But the answer is, Abel always had this kind of vibe going on. You might as well call him “The King Of Sadness” . 

The album has 6 songs called : Call Out My Name, Try Me, Wasted Times, I Was Never There, Hurt You, Privilege. 

So dark yet, so beautiful.