Top 36 Black Living Rooms Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

Black is a happy colour!

I personally think that black is everyone’s favourite colour. It goes with everything. I am not talking about clothes only, black can also be a pretty good colour to paint your rooms too, especially your living room.

Some might think that this is crazy, but it’s not. A lot of people choose painting their wall black rather than the white basic one.

Black is very fashionable & makes any room look more modern. You can never go wrong with black. If you decide to paint your living room in black, you are actually more free to choose about decorations, furnitures and so on.

Imagine your living room, the walls all black, beautiful white sofas, a lot of colourful pillows on it, which it isn’t expensive at all, it’s all about spending your money wisely. Trust me, your living room will look way elegant and modern than the others.

While painting your living room in black, the best way to do it is to have large windows, to warm it up a little.

Also, add green plants. If you are a flower fan, then this is ideal for you. You can put as many as you want.Try to add plenty of wood tones and textures. It would never feel “to much”.

It’s about that time that we should stop treating the dark colours as sad colours. It’s time to embrace dark colours and enjoy the depth that they bring. After all, black is the most elegant colour ever. 

Let me prove you that black living rooms are the best: